Dorothy Heller

A writer, blogger, mother, medical interpreter, bookaholic, grandmother, shower singer, translator, tea-aholic and an aspiring songwriter. Still writing her novel and wants to write at least one good song.


About Dorothy Heller


L.I.L. is the work of Dorothy Heller and this is not her dating profile.

Heller separated from her ex-husband, but didn’t divorce until years later due to impressive powers of procrastination.

She is a mother by marriage, birth, and adoption, which she thought was noteworthy until she met a woman who had done all the above plus had children through surrogacy. (Heller is technically an ex-stepmother with two ex-step grandchildren, but family is family).

Her children are basically grown-which seems like science fiction to the author. They have all turned out beautifully; she is willing to share credit for the results. Both sons and daughter are married to stellar partners, including the technically ex-stepson, and there are five amazing grandchildren so far.

Heller has been a short-order crepe chef, ghostwriter for physicians at a well-known medical center, medical secretary in Anesthesiology, Sleep Disorders, and Psychiatry, poet, union organizer, grant writer, technical marketing writer, medical and legal interpreter/translator, and is probably forgetting a number of jobs, like the time she was the receptionist at a home for unwed mothers–after being mistaken for one because of her A-line mini-dress.

Among her goals is to be in an L.L.P.-a loving life partnership-as well as write at least one good song. It remains to be seen if the two are connected.

Heller does like to walk on the beach holding hands, has not just returned from another exotic vacation, and does not ski, scuba dive, or hang glide- (much safer for all concerned)-although she can do après-ski and sits well by the fire. Her relationship with Nature is love/hate, due to allergies. Heller never expected to be writing a blog exploring the mature single experience because she never expected to be a mature single, proving again that we never know what to expect. Heller hopes you will enjoy the journey with her.

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