Dorothy Heller

A writer, blogger, mother, medical interpreter, bookaholic, grandmother, shower singer, translator, tea-aholic and an aspiring songwriter. Still writing her novel and wants to write at least one good song.

October 2021

Tie-Dyed Twice: Boomer Time Warp and Woodstock

It happened to me when I took my son, then fourteen, to Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit Concert. Searching for garlic fries, I suddenly stumbled on a time warp. Young girls were walking by wearing flowing peasant skirts or blouses with long, straight hair like Rapunzel’s hanging down their backs. Stands were selling funky jewelry with peace signs, […]

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Be There Then-Social Networking Solo

Naked bodies soaking in hot tubs under the California sun. Consciousness-raising (with and without hallucinogens), self-awareness at any price)—Esalen in the 1960s. Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt Therapy, coined this mantra as the slogan of the self-development and actualization movement of the Sixties: “Be here now.” Today, the Standard Operating Procedure is:  Be-there-then. I’m being

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